Welcome to Drop Dead Thrifty

Sidney Bristol and I have a lot in common, a fact we discovered when I picked her name out of the “welcome to the company” email from our new publisher and emailed her years ago. We both love writing sexy, hot, romantic stories, we’re both former roller derby girls, and we can both often be found with a power tool or a paintbrush in our hand.

Recently we discovered we had another thing in common–we both were starting DIY blogs! Since we make a great team, and two bitches are always better than one, we decided to join forces to start our new DIY blog DROP DEAD THRIFTY!

This blog will cover whatever creative, organizational or culinary urge that strikes our fancy. Sidney is 20-something, starting a new family and just bought her first home. I (Piper) am forty-something, have two kids and moved into a total fixer-upper two years ago. We’re at different places in our lives, a fact we think will bring y’all lots of diversity in the projects and ideas we blog about.

We’ll occasionally have guest bloggers as well! So any other romance writers out there, hit us up if you have that one really cool project you’d love to show the world, and pimp a book or two in the process. We know how creative and talented y’all are!!

Why Drop Dead Thrifty?

Our main gig is writing romance, so we always skew to the sexy side of life, thus I liked the idea of the name reflecting that bent…i.e. the phrase drop dead sexy. We’re always thinking in terms of thriftiness, and not just by saving money, but also in terms of repurposing thrift store finds or reusing things we already have in new ways. Not only is repurposing “thrifty”, but it reduces waste in the landfills and satisfies our creative urges. Hence the mashup DROP DEAD THRIFTY!

We are not a family blog…

We’re both pretty comfortable and in touch with our wild sides. 🙂 Our crafts reflect that. You will probably find instructions on how to make homemade floggers. You’ll also find a lot of cussing and dirty jokes and all-around fuckery on this blog. You might see the word “pussy” and you will probably see the word “cock”. Be warned. This ain’t your mama’s DIY blog! We’re sweet, but we tend to curse like sailors. We’ve tried the straight and narrow, and we got really, really bored.

Which reminds me…the products we use on this blog and the stores we frequent are NOT affiliated with us! I am at Home Depot all. The. Damn. Time. And I talk about them a lot. I’m not sure they’d be happy if you thought I was an official spokesperson for them. Rest assured, I’m not. All opinions are our own and every brand we show is in no way affiliated with us or Drop Dead Thrifty.

A note to set expectations….

Sidney and I are first and foremost writers with families, so both of those things take priority over our hobbies covered in this blog. Our participation and posts might be sporadic, so please bear with us. If the muse has struck or we’re on a deadline, or our kids or men are being particularly needy, you might not see anything new from us right away. Keep looking! You’ll see us pimping hard when we have a new post up. Also, for that reason, SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER so we can inform you when we have a new post up for you!! (Or a new sexy book you might want to check out…)

A note of disclaimer/safety…

Sidney and I aren’t trained, expert builders, craftswomen, etc. etc. YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. Do not look at what we do as an indication of what’s safe. We can’t guarantee you won’t hurt yourself doing any of these projects (Yikes! We hope you don’t!!). Please make sure you take all necessary safety precautions and read all directions and warnings on your tools and materials, wear your safety glasses and your hearing protections, etc. etc. Be safe, people. You only have one set of eyes and ten fingers! Protect them EVERY TIME!! And wear a filtering mask when sanding. Seriously, y’all. Be careful around chemicals. Don’t run with scissors.

And I tend to drink beer when I’m using my power tools. DO NOT DO THIS. It is not safe. Don’t be like me. I do not recommend it. For lots and lots of reasons. 😀

Okay, let’s make some epic stuff! Enjoy!!

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