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Spice Jar 01bWe’ve all browsed Pinterest, seeing the cool projects everyone does. Well, now that I have a house to put said projects in, I figured I should get started. To be fair, I began this one while I was still in my apartment.

I found this super cool looking spice jar solution on Pinterest and kind of fell in love with the idea. Check out Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen for the full how to. You see, since the boyfriend and I have been together, we’ve taken up a lot of cooking. It’s grown since moving into the house–where I have actual space to do said cooking. A side effect of so much cooking is a growing spice collection. I went from having a few basics and a store-bought spice rack I never used to a whole section of my very important counter space in the apt devoted to nothing but spices.

Now, I have this issue with wanting a smooth, uniform appearance to things. Having a ton of spice jars that were all different sizes and colors and brands was driving me crazy. I mean, why can’t a girl have taste and style, too? So these DIY spice jars were just what I needed!

I’ve always known you can order just about anything on the internet, but this really drove home just how much stuff is out there. You can probably tell those jars are baby food jars. Yes, baby food. And I don’t have a baby. Neither does anyone I know. So I ordered two dozen jars to get me started and anxiously awaited my order. I’m using a BeechNut jar, but there are plenty of other kinds out there–and none of them are wrong!

Spice Jar 02bStep One

Clean the jars. You can do this with a product line GooGone. Most of the people who resell these jars don’t clean them off, so there’s adhesive and paper bits still stuck to them. You’ll have to clean that off yourself, but it comes off pretty easy with a little scrubbing. Once you’ve cleaned everything off the jars, give them another wash so they’re safe to hold your spices. From this point, I was done with the actual jars and turned my attention to the lids.

Step Two

The lids should also have been washed so you’re dealing with a clean surface for painting. I used a cheap foam brush, but you can use a roller, a real paint brush or maybe some sponges. For the painting, I did a total of three and sometimes four layers of paint. I found it was easiest to paint them by putting my fingers on the underside of the lid and painting the top. I suggest the first two layers doing the tops and sides for an even coat. The last two coats I did the tops. Waited. And then did the sides.

Spice Jar 03bStep Three

I let the jars sit a day and dry/cure before trying to move beyond painting. Once I was sure they were dry, I used a silver paint pen to write the spice names on top of the jars. Since it was chalkboard paint, I could have used a chalk pen, but I was impatient and wanted to have them done already!

I had a lot of progress pictures, showing my set up for painting and the difference between one, two and three coats of paint…but I deleted or lost them. Way to go me, huh? Oh well! The finished product looks pretty nice. I used a paint pen to write the spices on the tops. I think if I could go back I’d have used something with a finer tip, or gotten someone else to write on the jars. My handwriting isn’t very good!

Spice Jar 04bIn the future, we’re talking about putting some shelves up in the kitchen, so I might very well do a clear label on the side of the jars and set them on a shelf, out in the open so you can see them.

I do like the big, open jars. I don’t do a lot of sprinkling so I like to get a measuring spoon in there so I know how much I’m putting into something. These work really well for that. I’m happy with my outcome! My photographs, well, I think I need to take some lessons on lightboxes!

((Since taking this picture of my spice drawer I’ve filled up all the rest of my jars!!))

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      I know! I didn’t either until I started digging around on some of the other DIY blogs. It looks like if there’s some product container out there, you can buy them once they’re empty!!

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