Furniture Remodel: Chalk Paint & a Nightstand

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been on a roll ever since Elise and I talked chalk paint now, well, way too long ago. Since catching this bug, I’ve had my eye on this nightstand I bought as a two’fer deal. I was originally looking for French Provisional furniture for my office and got this with a matching dresser. Since there isn’t room or need for it in my office, and I’ve been using a TV tray for a nightstand, I figured this would be a perfect project.

The picture on the right doesn’t quite capture the stains and discoloration of the nightstand quite like it did in parson. Scrubbing didn’t improve it. Because it has a lacquer type finish I was dreading sanding and painting or staining it. It’s old enough that I feared it might splinter and crack, so really, chalk paint was the perfect solution!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy inspiration for the color choices came from the knobs, right. I bought them on a whim because–hello–typewriters!!

For this project I used:

  • The nightstand
  • Americana Decore in white and black
  • Americana finishing wax
  • Painters tape
  • New hardware
  • Drop cloths
  • 2 2″ paint brushes
  • A fine tipped paint brush


I taped everything.

Because the surface is curved and shaped, I worked with very small strips of tape that I fit to the form of the wood. I also decided to accent the original design, but in my own colors.

This wound up being something of a paint-by-numbers project, but if it ain’t broke–don’t fix it! But really, the lines and work on the nightstand were beautiful, so I wanted to preserve that, even as I updated it a bit.



I decided to start out in black paint on the drawers just to get my feel of the paint and surface down before I moved on to the nightstand structure. On the right you can see the results of just one coat. After my dismal experience with the homemade chalk paint, I was thrilled with the evenness and coverage of the store-bought paint.

The first night I worked on this, I tackled everything I intended to paint black. I figured with three coats on, the coverage was about as good as I was going to get it, and then I could do more detail work in white and with a finer brush. I’m inserting the images as a gallery. Click on them for a larger view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI picked up the next day painting in white. I started with a larger, 2″ brush and switched to a small, fine tip one to tackle the detail work and spot checks.

I really should have taken more pictures of this part, but what else could I show you?

Look! I painted a white leg!

Of the white surfaces, I was most worried about the top, which was a hard, plastic type surface. But, the chalk paint held on wonderfully. It’s been maybe a month or more since I completed this project and it works awesome.

Step Three

Apply the wax! The finishing wax seals the chalk paint and gives it a slight shine. I’ve found it to also have a smoother, more water resistant surface. I highly recommend using the wax.

Once the wax dries, you’re done! Apply your hardware and stage your furniture. 🙂

Sidney Sig


  1. Elise Logan says:

    I have to say that I think once you catch the chalk paint bug you just look at things differently. Before I’d look at something and think…ugh, that’s going to take too much work to rehab. Now I look and think…what color am I going to paint that?
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